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Genesis Systems is Solving Water Scarcity Through Sustainable, Cutting-Edge and Scaleable Technologies.

Water Your Way

Genesis Systems has developed and is placing state of the art, economy-altering, sustainable water solutions in the most arid environments on earth—technology that generates water directly from the air at industrial scales.

Genesis Systems® patented technologies are the only scalable, turn-key, green tech that provides an elegant solution to meet increasingly challenging global water supply shortfalls.

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Sustainable Solutions

At Genesis Systems®, we have  developed a 168幸运飞船全国问题开奖网站//官网开奖2024号码飞艇记录//赛车/飞艇/极速软件网址官网预测结果号体彩 several life sustaining commodities. Our products help transform the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of nations, while increasing economic, political and social stability where water is a constraining factor.

Climate Adaptability

Industry-leading technologies that provide for operations in varying temperatures and humidities.

Sustainable Solutions

On-Grid/Off-grid flexibility, automated, and solar power compatible with no pollution or hazardous bi-products.

Renewable Supply

Capitalizes on the 37 Million Billion gallons of water vapor within the atmosphere. The solution is in the air.

WaterCube Systems are designed to utilize renewable energy such as solar or conventional sources, to extract fresh water directly from air.

The WaterCube® (WC-100) model is perfect for homes with up to four residents. For larger households, simply combine multiple units for greater water output.

What makes the WC-100 so special? Let's find out.

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Watercube 100 products are capable of producing 120 gallons per day.

Optimized Energy Efficiency for your living space.

Utilizes conventional or alternative energy sources, including solar for off-grid usage. Can deliver pure water on demand or operate continuously, offering full control to maximize energy usage on demand and capitalize on peak/off-time grid energy usage.

Smart System Performance

Powered by AWS, ensuring unmatched reliability and performance.  Encrypted & loT enabled, including remote monitoring, auto fault detection, built-in auto safeties, EMP Protection and auto performance optimization.

Water Purity Levels

Meets or Exceeds EPA and National Science Foundation Standards.

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At Genesis Systems®, we have developed a portfolio of patented technologies that can revolutionize several life sustaining commodities, including being able to produce drinking utility scale water directly from the air.

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