Dr. DAVID J. STUCKENBERG is an executive, strategist, entrepreneur, inventor, and global influencer.

Dr. David J. Stuckenberg

COO & Board Vice Chairman

In 2018 and 2019, NATO named David a “Young Disruptor.” He has been called “the George Kennan of this century” by senior military leaders and “a National Treasure,” by the former Director of Central Intelligence, Ambassador R. James Woolsey.  

Dr. Stuckenberg has executive experience in government and industry spanning nuclear weapons treaties to national critical infrastructure resilience and high-tech start-ups to large companies. David frequently lectures nationally and internationally at institutions like NATO, King’s College, and Chatham House on innovation and technology at nexus of strategy. His defense research and strategies have informed and shaped all levels of government (including U.S. Congress, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the White House). Where these strategies and programs concern infrastructure, they are the exemplar for U.S. states and cities, including the nation’s largest federal complex, Joint Base San Antonio.

During his tenure at the Department of State, Dr. Stuckenberg served as a Military Advisor and Subject Matter Expert where he created peacekeeping programs throughout the world and interfaced with the United Nations. Before this, David stood up and led a special Task Force for the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff where he marshaled 150 organizations in groundbreaking research leading to an Executive Order. This work now comprises a network of 400 organizations. 

As a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins, David is involved with novel research on asymmetric and hybrid warfare and water tech. Previous to joining Johns Hopkins, David was a U.S. Air Force Strategic Policy Fellow. He is also Chairman of the Board at the non-profit think tank American Leadership & Policy Foundation.  

As an entrepreneur, David co-founded Genesis Systems and serves as the COO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. Genesis Systems is a global greentech company solving global water scarcity with renewables. David has built companies and organizations from zero to more than $100 million in value. David’s business strategies have informed and are in use by leading companies including Citi® and BP®.

Dr. Stuckenberg has judged at NATO Innovation Hub and is involved in the impact-start-up community throughout the U.S. including the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum. As an aerospace engineer and inventor, David is the author of multiple patents. As a veteran combat pilot, he has flown more than 300 sorties worldwide.

He holds a Ph.D. in international security from King’s College; a Master’s in politics from George Washington University; and a B.S. in technology from University of Central Missouri.

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